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*** New for 2025 ***

Mac n Cheese F1 Striped Pumpkin

Sterling Silver F1 White Pumpkin

Vanilla Cupcake F1 White Mini Pumpkin


*** New for 2024 ***

Little Daisy F1 White Mini Pumpkin

Kettle Corn F1 Warty Striped Pumpkin

Foggy Morning F1 Blue Stacking Pumpkin

Summer Sky F1 Coral Stacking Pumpkin

Green Eggs n Ham F1 Multi Colored Stacking Pumpkin

Wagon Wheel F1 Orange Stacking Pumpkin


*** New in 2023 ***

Prince Charming F1 Bright Red Stacking Pumpkin

Blue Eyes F1 Blue Stacking Pumpkin

Tiger Stripes F1 Medium Stripy Pumpkin

Itty Bitty F1 Mini Orange Pumpkin

Glass Slipper F1 Multi Colored Stacking Pumpkin

Corn Cob F1 Warty Hard Shell Pumpkin

Orange Peel F1 Mini Stripy Pumpkin

Barn Dance F1 Medium Stripy Pumpkin

9078 F1 Pie Pumpkin


All Varieties Are From Our Own Plant Breeding and Seed Production.

We are one extended family dedicated to innovation and exceptionalism in the breeding, production, and sales of stacking pumpkin, specialty pumpkin, jack-o-lantern pumpkin, and mini pumpkin hybrids. All varieties are from our own breeding and seed production.

Our hybrids are known for high germination, strong plant vigor, fruit durability, large handles, disease resistance, early maturity, and high yield potential. Our stacking pumpkin hybrids are additionally known for their unique colors, color patterns, and rind textures. Unlike most breeders, we sell direct to the commercial grower.


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