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  • FarMore FI400 ® seed treatment is available for nearly all Outstanding Seed hybrids.
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Pumpkin, Gourd, and Winter Squash

Outstanding Seed Company LLC is an innovative seed company specializing in breeding, production, and marketing of high yield potential, large handled, Powdery mildew resistant pumpkin, gourd, and winter squash hybrids.

Unlike most breeders, we sell direct to the commercial grower. Because we sell only what we breed and produce, and specialize in pumpkin, winter squash, and gourds, we are able to provide a large amount of product information, and cultural practice information to the commercial grower.

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Increase your Yield Potential and Profit Potential.

Increase your yield potential dramatically with Outstanding Seed Company LLC hybrids.

Outstanding Seed hybrids are bred for yield, in addition to PMR, fruit type and handle type. For this reason, our hybrids are market leaders in yield potential and thus profit potential.

Better Seed Quality. Better Germination. Better Seed Health.

Outstanding Seed Company LLC minimum germination standard is 90%.

The vast majority of our seed lots have laboratory germination test results in the upper 90s, a few may have results in the mid 90s, and occasionally, a few may have results in the low 90s.

All Outstanding Seed Company LLC seed lots are laboratory tested for seed health and are maintained in climate controlled storage.

Treated and Untreated Seed Available.

FarMore FI400 ® seed treatment is available for nearly all Outstanding Seed hybrids.

We recommend FarMore FI400 ® treated seed to provide the best opportunity for good stand establishment, especially in cool wet springs. FarMore FI400 ® seed treatment contains one systemic insecticide and three modern fungicides. Click here to learn more about FarMore FI400 ® seed treatment.

Genuine FarMore FI400 ® seed treatment is applied to Outstanding Seed hybrids by Seed Dynamics of Salinas, California.

Untreated seed is also available for all Outstanding Seed hybrids.

Fast Same Day Shipping During Spring Planting.

Orders received during spring planting are shipped the same day they are received.
Under some circumstances, orders may be shipped the following day at the very latest.

All orders are shipped via UPS Ground for best service.

UPS Next Day Air, UPS Second Day Air, and UPS Three Day Select are available options upon request.