Calico Belle F1 PumpkinCalico Belle F1 Pumpkin

Calico Belle F1 Pumpkin



Calico Belle F1 Pumpkin
Fruit Type – Stacking Pumpkins
Average Weight – 24 lb
Plant Type – Vine

Genus/specie – Cucurbita maxima
Average Maturity – 100 Days
Average Seed Count – 1900
Suggested Spacing – 48 sq. ft. per plant
Experimental Designation – 8977
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong


Large, flat, ribbed, multi-colored stacking pumpkin.
Some fruit are flecked with green and white. Some are marbled pink and blue.
Some are solid white, shades of blue, or shades of pink.
Other colors and color patterns may be observed.
Average diameter is 15 in., average height is 6 in.
Many fruit have a bumpy, rough texture.
A truly one of a kind Stacking Pumpkin.


2024 Pricing
FarMore Treated Seed
100 seeds $39.70
250 seeds $83.87
500 seeds $129.00
1M $198.50
5M (per M) $196.50
Untreated Seed
100 seeds $38.40
250 seeds $81.25
500 seeds $125.00
1M $192.00
5M (per M) $190.00