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We breed, produce, and sell high yield potential, industry leading, Powdery mildew resistant pumpkin hybrids.

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Increase your Yield Potential and Profit Potential.

Increase your pumpkin yield potential dramatically with Outstanding Seed Company LLC hybrids.

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Better Seed Quality. Better Germination. Better Seed Health.

Outstanding Seed Company LLC minimum germination standard is 90%.

The vast majority of our seed lots have laboratory germination test results in the upper 90s, a few may have results in the mid 90s, and occasionally, a few may have results in the low 90s.

All Outstanding Seed Company LLC seed lots are laboratory tested for seed health and are maintained in climate controlled storage.

Farmore seed treatment is available for the following hybrids while supplies last; Apogee, Benchmark, Conquest, Denali, Dynasty, EverestSummit, Superior, and Prudence.

Get in the Game with Pumpkin Hybrids from Outstanding Seed Company, LLC

Unlike most breeders, we sell direct to the commercial grower.

We are a research based breeding and seed production firm that sells direct to the commercial grower.