Prism F1 Pumpkin
Prism F1 PumpkinPrism F1 Pumpkin

Prism F1 Pumpkin

Product Description

Prism F1 Pumpkin
Fruit Type – Stacking Pumpkin
Average Weight – 6 lb., some fruit 16 lb. or more.
Plant Type – Vine
Average Maturity – 95 Days
Average Seed Count – 3000
Suggested Spacing – 32 sq. ft. per plant
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong

* New for 2019 *
Flat fruit great for staking and also baking.
Very high dry matter, very sweet nutty dark orange flesh, and exceptional eating quality.
Shades of blue, grayish-blue, salmon, and pink.
Yield potential is excellent. We have seen six plus fruit per plant in trials.


2019 Pricing
1M = 1000 seeds
250 seeds $81.25
500 seeds $125.00
1M $192.00
5M (per M) $190.00