“I tried all the other new pumpkin hybrids last year. Your hybrids crushed them all. Not one or two of them; all of them.”

Heath from South Dakota

“Nothing else out there with the quality and consistency of Outstanding Seed Company hybrids. We honesty love all of your products. Keep up the great work, guys.”

Don from Connecticut

“Benchmark kept me in business last year. It is the best pumpkin I have ever seen.”

George from Ohio

“Unbelievable results, incomparable yield … thank you so much”

Peter from New York

“We had our best crop ever last year … best yield and biggest profit by switching to Outstanding Seed Company hybrids”

Tammy from Kentucky

“Outstanding Seed Company definitely wins the market for most consistent fruit set, high yield, and reliability year after year. You are the best…”

Stuart from Pennsylvania

“I was able to double my pumpkin sales with Outstanding Seed Company hybrids”

Bob from Washington

“My yield has doubled now that I have switched to Outstanding Seed Company hybrids. I only grow Outstanding Seed Company hybrids now”

Roger from Wisconsin

“I was very impressed with your hybrids. A competitor plot next to yours was a total loss. Their well known hybrids didn’t yield like yours … their handles don’t hold up like yours either.”

Edward from New York

“Summit outclassed every pumpkin I’ve grown over the past twenty years. Packer has the highest yield in tonnage per acre out of everything I grow. The university says I grow the best pumpkins they have seen anywhere … they were quick to recognize Summit”

Jeannine from Ohio

“Best crop we ever had last year when switching to Outstanding Seed Company hybrids. Almost every fruit in the field was marketable.”

Josh from Pennsylvania

“Rascal destroyed … that other pink pumpkin … in yield and sales! Blue Delight was my top seller. You guys are the real deal. No question.”

Bob from Washington

“If you are not planting Outstanding Seed Company hybrids, you are not in the game”

Chris from Indiana

“Planting old hybrids is like putting a bum bull in the pasture. You may as well stay on the porch.”

Irving from California

“Apogee are the best, biggest, most profitable pumpkins we’ve ever grown”

Joe from Ohio

“Your pumpkins are the best pumpkins I’ve grown in twenty years.”

Wayne from Ohio

“I don’t even look at anyone else’s hybrids. Summit gives us incredible yield.”

Ray from California

“Prudence. What beautiful handles and fruit. Tremendous yield.”

Margaret from Wisconsin


Teena from Michigan

“I need new hybrids like the ones developed at Outstanding Seed Company”

Terry from Wisconsin

” … we are very impressed … “

Lou from Ohio

“Apogee always surprises me … what an amazing fruit set. After harvest, the field is practically clean.”

John from Pennsylvania

“Grower’s Giant is the most remarkable jumbo pumpkin; beautiful dark reddish orange color”

Matthias from Ohio