Sugar Cup F1 Pumpkin
Sugar Cup F1 Pumpkin

Sugar Cup F1 Pumpkin

Product Description

Sugar Cup F1 Pumpkin
Fruit Type – Stacking Pumpkin
Average Weight – 8 lb.
Plant Type – Vine
Average Maturity – 100 Days
Average Seed Count – 1500
Suggested Spacing – 32 sq. ft. per plant
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong

New for 2019
Flat fruit great for staking and also baking.
Very high dry matter, very sweet dark orange flesh, and exceptional eating quality.
Many fruit are dark jade green, some fruit are grayish green.
Yield potential is excellent. We have seen eight plus fruit per plant in trials.
Incredibly thick large maxima handle.

2019 Pricing
1M = 1000 seeds
250 seeds $81.25
500 seeds $125.00
1M $192.00
5M (per M) $190.00