Rembrandt (Hybrid) Pumpkin
Rembrandt (Hybrid) PumpkinRembrandt (Hybrid) PumpkinRembrandt (Hybrid) PumpkinRembrandt (Hybrid) PumpkinRembrandt (Hybrid) Pumpkin

Rembrandt (Hybrid) Pumpkin, New For 2018

Product Description

Rembrandt (Hybrid) Pumpkin
Fruit Type – Hybrid Weird Things
Average Weight – 15 to 20 lb.
Plant Type – Vine
Average Maturity – 100 Days
Average Seed Count – 1400
Suggested Spacing – 32 sq. ft. per plant
Experimental Designation – 8876
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong.
New for 2018. A pink and blue pumpkin! Medium sized fruit have pink and blue stripes with splashes of corral, green and gray. Nothing else like it on the market. Some fruit are pendant and some are round. Sure to be a winner for retail and wholesale markets.