Newton (Hybrid) Pumpkin
Newton (Hybrid) PumpkinNewton (Hybrid) PumpkinNewton (Hybrid) Pumpkin

Newton (Hybrid) Pumpkin, New For 2018

Product Description

Newton (Hybrid) Pumpkin, A large fruited pink pumpkin!
Fruit Type – Hybrid Weird Things
Average Weight – 20 to 30 lb. (some fruit up to 50 lbs.)
Plant Type – Vine
Average Maturity – 100 Days
Average Seed Count – 1400
Suggested Spacing – 32 sq. ft. per plant
Experimental Designation – 8945
IR; Powdery Mildew, strong.
New for 2018. A large fruited pink pumpkin! Some fruit up to 50 lbs. Fruit shape varies from heart shaped to round to flattened. Fruit are furrowed, and some fruit have a white stripe in the furrow. Sure to be a winner for retail and wholesale markets.